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What’s New

FINALLY! A collection of highly pigmented eyeshadow shades that will show up on EVERY skin tone!
NO more wasting time, effort or products that don’t get used.
The NEW SUKI LASH Beauty “Bright Eyes Pallet” is designed so that YOU pick the shades you wear most! Not only do you get exactly what you want when the choice is yours, but collectively we ALL cut down on excessive product packaging waste! You buy this pallet ONE time and refill it whenever the need.

We got, “All Eyes on YOU & for You”

What’s Good

Everything that we create at SUKI LASH Beauty is always with great thought and consideration. We listen to consumer feedback closely and posses a very realistic view of what it is that you “the consumer” want and how we can provide it. With that being said, we wanted to start a solution based dialogue about, “whats good” within the product line that you may find helpful, useful and perhaps even idealistic for you.

Some fun facts, our “Magnetic Lashes” can be used with ANY adhesive product that you prefer. Yes, we created a less toxic product in the “Lash On Pen” that works great with our lashes; but many of you, are in fact, ” beautiful creatures of habit” and may not be so sensitive to the adhesive products that you currently have in your makeup bags.

Our lash styles suit us all so well, and the magnets that we placed on them do give our false eyelashes some added weight, that makes them so much easier to apply no matter what your preferred method is. BONUS!

We also realize that different applications work with different skin types; AND we see you out there using our “Lash On Pen” on other brands of eyelashes as well. So yes, you can use our “Lash On Pen” on any brand of false strip eyelash! We’re good with your choices, lol.

We love it when you share these tips and personal modifications with us!

So if you happen to find yourself using our awesome “Balance Mascara” prior to applying false eyelashes for added support; let us know. Keep sharing all of your neat tips and tricks, and we will keep working them into our own beauty regimes!

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