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SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System is a new false eyelash alternative!

I am Suki Avery. I am the creator and founder of the SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System. I beat stage 4 breast cancer. Going through cancer has left me secretly saddened about a simple thing like hair regrowth. After countless rounds of chemotherapy the hair on my head did grow back, my eyebrows kind of grew back, BUT my eyelashes remained very sparse and barely noticeable. I am very much a woman, like most who like to look in the mirror and be happy as possible with what they see. It is for this reason that I sought out a solution to having a simple thing as nice natural looking eyelashes.  I tried all the different products on the market from eyelash regrowth serums, eyelash extensions, and products for false eyelash application. None of those products worked for a variety of reasons. The closest product that had any chance of working on me was the magnetic eyelash and magnetic eyeliner products. Sadly, I discovered challenges with even these products, which originally appealed to me because the application involved using NO glue or synthetic adhesives. Out of frustration I decided to research and find a viable solution. First I created a primer eyeliner (SUKI LASH Balance Liner), I made it with natural ingredients. Then I improved upon a magnetic eyeliner (SUKI LASH Mineral Eyeliner) by also using other natural ingredients. I developed an easy to useeasy to remove, and easy to reuse magnetic false eyelash. I had to do my best to come up with a product that works on people like me, people with none or little of their own natural eyelashes. I succeeded. Throughout this journey I also discovered that not only people with hair loss concerns were interested in my products but people who wanted to use a less toxic eyelash adhesive wanted to try SUKI LASH products right over their own natural eyelashes. I had no idea that my concerns were the same as so many others. In the end, I took a horrible experience and turned it into making something GREAT that I know will help so many! .

Q. What is Balance Liner, what does it do? What is in it?

A. SUKI LASH Balance is the first step in the application process of SUKI LASH. This liquid liner acts a primer. It touches your skin before any other product providing a firm barrier between your delicate skin and any other products. The Balance Liner has a consitency like a serum, glides on clear and moist and is brushed back and forth over your eyelid until it feels almost dry to the touch. The Balance Liner main ingriediant is agave nectar and has other natural preservatives and natural fragrance in it.

Q. What is Mineral Liner, what does it do? What is in it?

A. SUKI LASH Mineral Liner is a black liquid liner that is applied right on top of the SUKI LASH Balance Liner. It attracts the tiny magnets found on the Magnetic Eyelash to your lash line where you have placed several layers of this product onto your eyelid. The liner helps the user with placement of the lash. A safe amount of iron oxide, ( a naturally sourced mineral used in most make up products) is the leading component that attracts the magnets on the false eyelash to your lash line. The Mineral Liner is made with coconut oil and other worry – free ingredients.

*Both liners are plant based cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free.

Q. Is there only one color eyeliner? I don’t usually wear black eyeliner.

A. Currently we sell the Mineral Eyeliner in the color black. We are testing other options for those who do not prefer to wear a color eyeliner at all. We are always listening and seeking out solutions that will satisfy every user. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay updated with our most recent developments

Q. How do I remove the lashes and the liner products?

A. The Magnetic Lashes after 8 -10 hours are very easy to gently lift away from you eyelid. The liner product breaks down and to remove any product left behind can be done using the SUKI LASH Clean Beauty Wipes or whatever make up remover you normally use. Remove the product with a make up wipe or cloth away from eye ensuring that you are not rubbing any product into you eyes. If you do accidentally get product into your eyes, just rinse your eyes with cool water. After each eyelash and product removal follow up with warm water no matter what your routine for eye make up removal is.

Q. What makes SUKI LASH different from the magnetic lashes that I see online.

A. The SUKI LASH product is different from existing magnetic lash brands on the market today because our handcrafted design and style of our eyelash itself is natural looking in its appearance. The SUKI LASH is lightweight and can be easily stacked for a more bold or dramatic effect if the user chooses. We provide the user with a primer liner (SUKI LASH Balance Liner) It is gentle and touches your skin first for those who have sensitivities to make up products or adhesives. SUKI LASH Mineral Liner is also gentle and has the perfect blend of minerals and natural ingredients. We provide the tools and a cleaning product along with easy to follow simple instruction on how to apply our magnetic lashes.

SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System DIRECTION

Step 1 

Brush a thin layer of Balance Liner onto the eyelid, right at your lash line. LESS IS MORE when applying the Balance Liner. Keep passing the Balance Liner BRUSH back and forth until it appears to be almost dry.

Step 2 

Apply Mineral Liner right on top of the Balance Liner.  Let a few moments pass and apply a 2nd layer of the Mineral Liner and let it dry …  (KEY STEP) wait a few minutes/ or you can move this process along with a blow dryer if you choose. The liner products should feel almost dry to the touch before placing on the magnetic lash.

Step 3 

Use the plastic tweezer and grab the magnetic lash from the center and place it on your lash line. We recommend placement in the middle of the eyelid and tap down the ends. Move and shift to where it looks natural in appearance. 

After each use replace the magnetic lash back onto magnetic resting place. Clean off the liner products DAILY from the magnets on the lash or before each use. After every 3rd or 4th wear use rubbing alcohol to avoid bacteria build up. 

With proper care lashes can be reused up to 30 applications.

Helpful Tips

Feedback from our testers show us a variety of the different application methods for user with different eye shapes and skin types.

1. If user tends to have oily skin in the t-zone area, it is recommended to not use any lotion or creams on the eyelid before application

2. After the Balance Liner is applied proceed to draw the first pass of the Mineral Liner onto your lash line and the use of a blow dryer of 30 seconds on a cool setting. Pass a second line of the Mineral Liner over the first line and AGAIN use a blow dryer to help speed up the drying process. Practice making your line as thin as possible even as you layer as opposed to painting it on wide. You can apply as many layers of the Mineral Liner as you see is necessary: just remember to let the layers dry. The testers who wanted to stack together found that using extra Mineral Liner for this application was key.

3. I also find that if I have worn my SUKI LASH all day and want to add some volume I can take a second pair of Magnetic Lashes and place them right on top of the pair that I have been wearing. If I am just starting with a new application for the first time of the day and decide to go for the bold look right out the gate I take TWO of the Magnetic Lashes and click them together before I place them onto the dry layers of liner product.

Visit SUKI LASH on YouTube to see product demonstrations and tutorials on how to use and clean your SUKI LASH Magnetic Lashes

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