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Founder, Suki Avery; makeup & fashion enthusiast hails from New York City. Growing up with 3 brothers, Suki expected to be a “tom boy” her whole life and to everyone’s surprise in her early 20’s she fell in love with colorful makeup looks, hair, heels and all things “glam”.

Suki has always worn many hats. She was a former buyer for an infamous interior designer, she previously owned an event staffing & marketing agency, she was an actress, worked as a flight attendant, AND while working as a beauty consultant for a world-renowned cosmetics company; she discovered a passion for what goes into creating makeup and branding.

Exposing herself to a variety of cultures, and lifestyles; it’s safe to say that she has seen it all. However, in 2013 after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Suki had to slow down to take on the fight of her life. Once this battle was won, she found herself in a position where she wanted to help others who experienced similar “after cancer” challenges. After going through so much; developing consumer-friendly magnetic lashes & other products just made perfect sense to her.

Finding solutions to her own “forever changing” beauty regime resulted in the creation of her brand. She works tirelessly from a place of inspiration, leads by example, all while providing gentle, cruelty-free, vegan products for everyone.


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