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Product Instructions

SUKI LASH “Magnetic Lash System”

The SUKI LASH “Magnetic Lash SYSTEM” is designed for people who do not want to use toxic products when applying false eyelashes. Our magnetic lashes and packaging are hand crafted.  SUKI LASH “Magnetic Lashes” can be used up to 30 times with proper care and storage.


Before applying the eyeliner and eyelashes make sure eyelids are dry and free of any oils, lotions or oil-based primer.

Step 1

Apply the “Lash On Pen” (white pen/ labeled # 1)

〰️ The “Lash On Pen” comes in “CLEAR” or the color “BLACK”. 〰️

Draw a generous amount of the “Lash On Pen” onto your lash line (two passes), wait 30 seconds before next step.

Step 2

Apply “Mineral Liner” (the bamboo tube /labeled # 2) right over the “Lash On Pen” product that you placed on your lash line. Wait 30 seconds when done.

Step 3

Remove the Magnetic Eyelash from the case and bend the lash at each end before placing the magnetic lash onto your eyelids. You can use your fingers, or the small white plastic tweezer included to gently pinch the lashes in place or to blend together with your own natural eyelashes.

At the end of the day remove the magnetic eyelashes AND any product from the false eyelashes and place them back into the magnetic case.

We recommend using a water-based makeup wipe cloth or “Witch Hazel” with a cotton swab to keep your magnetic eyelashes clean. Do NOT clean lashes with oil-based makeup remover or rubbing alcohol.

WARNING: Keep out of Reach of Children. Do not use “Magnetic Lashes” in/or near MRI machines.

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