“INTENSIFIER” ~ Eye Shadow Fix


The SUKI LASH BEAUTY “INTENSIFIER”, Eye Shadow Fix, is a gentle liquid serum made to expand the use of the “Bright Eyes Pallet” shades. Mix the “Intensifier” with any of our eyeshadow colors for when you want a “liquid shadow” look.

With just this one product you’ve multiplied whats inside your makeup bag!


“INTENSIFIER”, Eyeshadow Fix, was developed to turn our eyeshadow into a liquid liner or all over, long lasting, richly pigmented color. Just scrape a bit of shadow onto the mixing circle and add a drop of “INTENSIFIER”.
Blend product together and apply mixture to your eyelids lid for
“EYE-MAZING” results!

*  “INTENSIFIER”, Eye Shadow Fix is easy to remove, cruelty-free, and vegan.


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