Magnetic Vinyl Pad & Makeup Brush Set



The “Magnetic Makeup Brush Set” is the SLB accessory that is unique in its design. Included inside the box is a “clip on” Vinyl pad that supports the Magnetic Makeup Brushes, a Magnetic Utility Holder, a Magnetic Eyelash Applicator/Tweezer, Disposable Eyeshadow Wands, and a Reusable Concealer Puff Stick.

This “stand out” accessory was developed for our consumers that want artistic, original, and functional tools to work with. The “MVP” intentionally has an “artisan” feel to it, as each Magnetic Vinyl Pad is hand crafted with a melted wax design; leaving no two pads alike. The six makeup brushes are made with plant based fibers and each brush has an earth magnet encased inside for attaching to the MVP. The utility tin has our “signature red magnet” on the back and is a great place to hold thin makeup tools or makeup pencils.

We are obsessed with developing products that you will be attracted to and know that you will appreciate the care and considerations that have been put into this really special product!


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