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The SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System is everything you will need for precision magnetic false eyelash application. Included are TWO sets of your choice in style of SUKI LASH Magnetic Lashes. One tube of SUKI LASH Balance Liner. One tube of SUKI LASH Mineral Liner. One jar of SUKI LASH Cleaner Balm. One lash brush. Two clean up sticks. One plastic tweezer. All of these items are packaged in a limited edition handcrafted keepsake box.

A Style For All of US

SUKI LASH Magnetic Lashes ~ single set

Style Tina Lash is the lightest weight and the shortest length in the collection. It looks best on a smaller eye and if you do not have a lot of your own natural eyelash the style Tina Lash will appear to look like you are wearing a light amount of mascara. 
Style Julie Lash is a thicker, (but still a lightweight lash) and is medium in length. It is fuller than Tina Lash but still looks very natural. 
Style Audrey Lash is a lightweight lash (it is not as full as style Julie Lash) BUT it is longer (the longest in length of the three styles) this style is great for the user who may already have naturally thick lashes but desire to have longer lashes. 

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