Discover the beauty and ease of Suki Lash; a cutting-edge magnetic eyelash system created to enhance your appearance with a natural look. The application of this feather-weight lash is simple and its unique design ensures that the wearer can easily clean, and easily reapply the lashes and easily remove the products.

Lightweight magnets assist with precise placement. We have created a primer liner called Balance Liner and a Mineral Eyeliner, which combined replace having to use traditional glue. The SUKI LASH Magnetic eyelash itself are made from synthetic fibers, and are handcrafted and styled. The SUKI LASH Balance Liner is plant based, vegan, cruelty-free, and made with a natural preservative. SUKI LASH Mineral Eyeliner is vegan, cruelty-free and is also made with worry- free ingredients ensuring that our products are gentle and safe for the user.

The Suki Lash Magnetic Lash System comes with: two sets of SUKI LASH Magnetic Lashes, SUKI LASH Balance Liner, SUKI LASH Mineral Liner, 2 clean up sticks, 1 eyelash brush, 1 plastic tweezer, SUKI LASH Cleaner Balm, and a package of fragrance-free, SUKI LASH Clean-Beauty wipes. The system is enclosed in a limited edition bejeweled keepsake box, handcrafted from one-hundred year old repurposed wood, which serves as safe storage, and is a statement piece for your vanity or bureau.

The Suki Lash system is so versatile, that one can go from day to day or day to night in just seconds. Its easy application is for the novice or pro; daily wear or for special occasions. We initially created this system for the person who may have thin or little to no eyelashes at all. However, the system is also for the user who may have a natural full eyelash and wants to amplify their look. If you have sensitive eyes the SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System is for you as well. Natural and tested ingredients have been used in the liner products and in the cleaner balm, to avoid fillers that sometimes cause irritation.

We love this system and know you will too! This product was created out of necessity, and its unique design and attributes will make it the most talked about accessory in your collection.

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