“SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System,” was launched in 2018, with the idea of selling awesome magnetic eyelashes for people who experienced challenges with false eyelash application. It took an actual PANDEMIC for CEO and Founder “Suki Avery” to learn that our customers were ready for MORE! Which led her to developing a false eyelash that EVERYONE could use, no matter what the consumer preference was. Today the brand includes magnetic false eyelashes that can be used with or without magnetic liner product, non toxic eyelash adhesive pens, mascara, rich eyeshadows shades sold in a customizable pallet, a dual edged eyebrow pen and everything you will need to achieve “EYECON” status.

“SUKI LASH Beauty” brand is Vegan, Cruelty~ Free, Hand Crafted Packaging, Locally Developed, and Ethically Sourced.

Our primary focus is to remain committed to using as many sustainable elements in developing new products in regards to ingredients as well as creating eco-friendly packaging. We are constantly evolving with our customers and strive to present authentic representation,

all while creating ………..

“REAL Beauty for ALL”

Special Edition

“Glam Box” Packaging


Location 433 N Camden Dr ste 400 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Phone 323 283 9047 E-mail info@sukilash.com Hours SUKI LASH Magnetic Lash System LLC® SUKI LASH BEAUTY® 2022 All rights reserved
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