We make stuff that you’ll be “attracted” too!

The brand, “SUKI LASH BEAUTY” was founded out of necessity. Owner & CEO, Suki Avery is a stage 4 breast cancer SURVIVOR and she initially created a specific style of magnetic eyelashes for people like herself, who suffered from eyelash loss after going through many rounds of chemotherapy. The company, which was started in 2018, has since expanded the line to include products for everyone; such as brow pens, custom eyeshadow pallets, refillable packaging, mascara, magnetic mirrors, magnetic makeup brushes, lip & cheek products, and other gentle cosmetic items for sensitive skin types. Moving into the future, the company’s goals are to continue designing and developing products that are both eco-friendly, accessible to everyone and inclusive to all skin types and tones.

“SUKI LASH BEAUTY” is Vegan, Cruelty~ Free, Hand Crafted Packaging, Locally developed, and assembled. We are constantly evolving with our customers and strive to present authentic representation.

all while creating ………..

“REAL Beauty for ALL”